Help us to feed as many stranded Elephants as we can.

With the current COVID-19 crisis, elephants and their mahouts are at risk now, more than ever as tourism comes to a shocking halt in Chiangmai Thailand. 

Cruel Covid-19
We can't really do it with Covid-19 this time. Covid-19 Makes the elephant camp difficult to look after the elephants because some we plant but almost we have to buy food for the elephants, especially in summer time here elephant food is too expensive such as banana pumpkin watermelon corn and grass, look after the elephants and other expenses. So Covid-19 Makes us take care of elephants even more difficult because there is no budget to buy food for elephants. Elephants eat a lot in 1 day between 200-300 kilograms per 1 elephant.

Good news since April 20, 2020 receives good news from Leonie Ellyatt donated food for the elephants, which he booked to visit the Ethical Elephant Hill Tribe, but Covid-19 made the postponement of the journey, but more importantly he still donated us a little for him, but great for our elephants.
We would like to thank Leonie Ellyatt for this donation. We promise that we will use this money in worthily to buy all elephant food. when Covid 19 is gone, you will get complimentary to visit our elephants.

We promise to look after the elephants like our family. We sincerely hope that we have to go through this Covid-19 crisis together. Can donate through PayPal:

🐘Please share this page to help us. Finally, everyone is safe from covid-19.
God bless you, thank you for helping us, 

Kind Regards'
Ethical Elephant Karen Tribe Team