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Here at Ethical Elephant Karen Tribe, The Karen are a Tribal group who have historically lived in the hills with the elephant in Chaingmai, Thailand. we are committed to a single goal; we strive to allow interaction between humans and elephants that is beneficial and enjoyable for both. We don´t ride or use hooks on our elephants or do anything else that is detrimental to them.


 Explore our website to learn more about all that we’re doing to make a change in the lives of these majestic creatures. 

Why you choose us?

We don't ride elephants.

We don't hook elephants.

Chair-riding elephants is a cruel practice which hurts them and is detrimental to their long term health. 


We enforce a strict No Hook No Riding policy, we do not make our elephants work or  perform or do any activity outside their natural behaviors.

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Local Hill Tribe Family Owner Business

Our sanctuary is different. We are a family owner business who have been looking after elephants for generation to generation - not simply when it became profitable to do. We are heavily realize on our community for the success of our sanctuary, we are committed to giving back to community and school in the village.


When you visit the Ethical Elephant Karen Tribe you can rest assured that you are supporting at-risk elephants and the local community in a sustainable and responsible way.

We exist to give elephants a free and happy life

The reason we started the Ethical Elephant Karen Tribe because we are expert, we have elphants for generations,  we need to rescue more from the logging, from work and we need to have a relationship between people and elephant. Historically, elephants in Thailand are considered to be very important culturally. Elephant was chosen as Thailand's national symbol, a key reason being that the Thai people celebrated the elephant's  incredible strength, durability, and longevity. The white elephant is a symbol of royalty in Thailand as well. We knew that there was a better way to allow visitors to interact with these intelligent and majestic creatures that was beneficial for both the elephant and the visitor.

Unlike the Bangkok-based corporately owned elephant park, we don't spend money on advertising and extracting profits. When you purchase a visit to our sanctuary, you can have peace of mind that you are enabling us to continue to run our sanctuary day-to-day, rescue more elephants from captivity and cruelty, access more land to allow them to roam freely and give the elephants the best possible diet and vegetarian care.

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The Karen Local Hill Tribe

The Karen are a Tribal group who have historically lived in the hills with the elephant in Chaingmai, Thailand. We are a karen hill tribe family owned and operated organisation. The elephants that we have in our sanctuary were mostly previously working elephants which have passed down through generations of karen tribs people. We recognise we can't simply take the tribes people's means of livelihood without offering them an alternative form of employment. 

Therefore, we remain a major employer of karen tribe people, ensuring each and every elephant has its own mahout to personally ensure its welfare. We are also heavily involved in community projects to ensure the blessing of the elephants is shared by all.


Gain a once in a lifetime experience, get to know and understand the elephants on a personal level, and immerse yourself in Karen Hill Tribe Culture.  Make a real difference today!


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We had an absolutely amazing experience here and couldn’t fault it in anyway. The Karen Tribe are amazing with the elephants, they gave us lots of information and encouraged us to interact and play with the elephants. The elephants are wonderful and clearly happy in their environment.

Christina Lester, London, United Kingdom.